Self Learning VS. Bootcamps

If you know you want to try things out, but don’t want to fully commit to a bootcamp, start with semi-structured learning from sites where you can learn basic Python or R to get used to the language.

Some great sites are:CoderbyteHackerRankDataCampDataQuestThey have built in IDEs and are module based so you can learn small data science concepts and practice the code right then and there.

Reading through the blog associated with these sites also helps build understanding, and there are many links to more resources to explore.

What if that leaves you feeling like you’ve learned something, but that still just quite isn’t enough.

Then maybe a fully structured bootcamp is best for you.

In select cities, universities are finally putting together decent programs for data science, but be weary of those teaching mostly theory and not giving you a chance to really put what you’ve learned into action with projects.

Please create a handful of projects from start to finish.

Photo by John Schnobrich on UnsplashThe biggest assets for those who weren’t satisfied with self-learning is that a bootcamp is going to give you structure.

They lay out a plan of action of things for you to learn and they give you a deadline to complete everything in.

In-person will have you do things on their time, while online bootcamps typically have more flexibility of when you learn it, but ultimately they’ll want you to complete it within a specified time frame (usually 12 weeks or 6 months).

They aren’t meant to be easy, they will require dedication in time that you may have been spending with family and friend, but this isn’t something that last forever, and is here to give you a career boost.

Keep in mind that yet again, data science has been ranked the sexiest job and has more job opening than people with credentials to fill those jobs.

Bootcamps have two main options; learning in person or learning online.

This is data science so when you go googling for bootcamps specify data science.

Check out reputable sources like Course Report that rank bootcamps to help aid in your decision.

Read into what they offer, like job guarantees, mentoring, solid networks, and career services.

Also, be sure to read the fine print as there may be stipulations such as time constraints, or location specifics involved.

Then you can focus on logistics.

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on UnsplashIf you have the ability to attend an in person bootcamp, please do it.

Nothing will be that in person interaction and the immediate connections you will make from interacting with people face to face.

DO IT!.Just note that many in-person bootcamps are like jobs going from 9 to 5 or evenings and last anywhere from a week (if you have some experience already) to a few months.

The other option is online.

Pay attention with how things are being taught.

If you’re a visual learner, you’ll want to seek out bootcamps that are lecture based with someone actually teaching it, whether they live stream videos or pre-record them for later access for their students.

On the other hand, if you’re good at reading, some bootcamps will give you a breakdown of concepts along with other resources for you to study from and then practice.

Be sure you’re comfortable with your learning type.

You’ll also want to look at their communities.

Do they have forums, or slack channels, or frequent meetups in your city?.Whatever is accessible to you, go check it out before you give them a good chunk of money.

Once you find the learning style that’s a best fit for you, then you can go ahead and monetarily invest in yourself.

You HAVE to be truthful with your learning style, because this is a career and life changing investment.

Also, don’t be scared of the price.

Most bootcamps have some sort of financing option, some even have a no cost up from until you get a job making a certain amount.

Read into all of that before handing your money over.

Take notes, on what you learn about each bootcamp of interest and be practice everything you can before getting in.


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