I built a game in a 24-hour hackathon

Beer Mugs!Tools and TechnologyWe used Unity to develop the game and wrote scripts in C#.

Thanks to awesome tutorials from Brackeys, we were able to find help when stuck.

Screenshot from our game when you hit a professor!(If you would like to know how we built the game and the source code for it, let me know in the comments, I can write another article for it)What did we learn?Never go unprepared: If you want to make the most of the Hackathons, always go with an idea that you can quickly jump on.

Network: Talk to people about their ideas.

It’s okay if your idea isn’t great, its always great to know what others are working on.

Collaborate and Code: A great exercise for us to divide and conquer and put together what we learnt in those soft-skills classes.

Can’t forget, Unity: There was a lot of Unity in the Hackathon (forgive my bad jokes)Sleep well before the hackathon: So you don’t sleep when everyone’s breathing code.

Did I forget the fun we had?There were games at regular intervals to keep everyone awake like cup stacking competitions.

And also, pizzas and coffee shots!.You need that caffeine in you if you want to write code for straight 25 hours.

Free T-shirts and swag!!.There were many sponsors for the event with their t-shirts and swag, after all, who doesn’t love free stuff?At the end of it, there were demos and presentations of the products everyone built in the hackathon, but since this was my first hackathon, I wasn’t looking forward to this.

But maybe next time, I sure will compete for it.

But hey, a lot of people liked our game!Take awayI would urge everyone to attend a hackathon, it's a great learning experience where you would definitely build something you can show off.

Usually, 24-hour hackathons are on weekends, so you can catch up on your sleep on Sundays!.If not for your portfolio, attend one just for fun and the swag.

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