Bringing Biology and Programming Mavericks Under the Same Roof. In Timisoara

Besides being recipients of knowledge and professional skills, all of our ninjas will be part of two types of teams: the “competitive” teams, to initiate and develop an educational research project, and the “functional” teams, to contribute to BioCoderDojo Timisoara’s functioning as an organization and covering the following topics:Until wearing white coats we are in the planning and learning mode!Events scheduling and attendance recording, Logistics, PR & Communication, Design, Connection with academia, International connections, Recruitment, Fundraising, Knowledge custody, Softskills development, Photo- & videograpy.

It probably looks complex and hard to achieve, but in pursuing all these plans we’ll never walk alone.

There is a wide list of supermentors and experts that will join, guide, inspire and support our campaign, including academics, industry professionals, consultants.

Individually and as a team they will multiply the involvement of the current co-champions:BioCoderDojo Timișoara co-champions Rodica, Radu, Dorel (left to right)Rodica Beicu is a biology teacher in Colegiul National Banatean, Timis, that joined about two years ago in the early planning times, promoting the concept to best Timisoara biology passionate kids, and joining in defining and running of this educational journey.

Dorel Deaconescu is a seasoned engineering expert in HELLA Romania, who has embraced the idea couple of months ago, contributing his management knowledges and people skills, helping in refining the vision, guiding and inspiring the ninjas.

Radu Ticiu is a Timisoara tech entrepreneurship community facilitator and leader, creator of several tech communities and edu-facilitator, founder and champion of the initial CoderDojo club in Timisoara and facilitator of the national network of about 50 CoderDojo clubs in Romania.

In this initial phase we are gathering for our weekly session at TeMiriCe, a freindly coworking space for the youngest (future) professionals, still learning and practicing bio-programming, knowing each-other, grouping in teams and planning how to get to iGEM.

org, the biggest synthetic biology competition in the world.

We are also preparing to eventually start visiting seminary rooms and labs in several Timisoara organizations like Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, “Victor Babeş” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, OncoGen.

Want to find out more or to get in contact with us?.Message us on BioCoderDojo Timisoara Facebook page.

We’ll get back to you in couple of days.

For urgent matters e-mail radu.



Keep an eye on most fantastic bunch of kids of Timisoara!.

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