Method Selection Pro-Tip

I study Y and here is how I choose my methods.

I keep track of the others that study Y.

I keep track of the methods they’ve used and the methods they have not yet used.

I use that information to inform (justify) my methods selection.

EnieMeenieMinyMo MethodologySo my advice to you is to find the most recent publication or study of X.

Figure out what method they used and why.

See if they recommended that others use the same method or different method.

Then find the second most recent publication or study of X.

Repeat that process.

After a few rounds, you will have a list of methods that will probably serve you well as you seek to study X.

Okay, I took your advice.

Now I have these three methods to choose from.

Which one do you think I should pick?You are not the first to experience this situation.

Also, I’m not sure I know the answer to your question.

But I do have some advice.

Many in this situation will implement an analysis using all three methods.

If the results agree, great!.Sounds like you have strong evidence that supports a finding.

It means your results are robust to multiple methods and/or specifications.

If your results disagree, also great!.It means you have strong evidence that supports the need to study X further.

It means that applying the most well-recognized methods to the available data returns inconclusive results.


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