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In Search of the Holy GraalVM, putting the R in Scala (or Java, or…)Stateful Stream Processing FrameworksAt one of the projects that Codestar is working on at the Port of Rotterdam, we have been making use of Akka Streams a lot for our stream processing applications.

With Kafka as the backbone, we get fault-tolerant and scalable stream processing.

When spinning up a…Getting to grips with FlowComing from TypeScript, we wanted to know what other solutions are out…Parcel Bundler vs.

Webpack 4 ⚔️S️etting up a fresh TypeScript React projectStarting up a new frontend project can be quite intensive.

Most time will vanish in setting up the build process.

We all know the pains of setting up Webpack with loaders and…Making your Akka Streams robustTypical stream processing applications need to be running all the time.

We want our streams to keep on running and be resilient to unexpected errors.

I have been using Akka Streams for stream processing in several projects.

It’s a very powerful…Elm for front-end developersElm for front-end developers — how we dove into Elm to rebuild part of our site.

Why Elm?The benefits of Elm (no runtime errors, typing) is what makes it accessible to our back-end developers.

They are used to the…Polymer 2 and TypeScriptFor reasons beyond my control I’m working with Polymer 2 at the moment.

Although the idea of web components is great, the choice for HTML imports that comes with Polymer 2 makes integration into a modern development stack cumbersome, as will become clear soon.

Also, HTML imports are….. More details

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