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Qiskit Ignis: A Framework for Characterizing and Mitigating Noise in Quantum DevicesRecap of Qiskit Camp 2019Written by: Qiskit Community on behalf of the entire Qiskit teamWhat is Qiskit Camp?Classical Simulators for Quantum ComputersGadi Aleksandrowicz, Yael Ben-Haim, Yehuda Naveh, Jay M.

GambettaQuantum Inspire and QiskitQuantum Computing with QuTech’s Quantum Inspire and IBM’s QiskitQrasp — Quantum on a Raspberry PIIBM Q System One… How hard could it be to build my own?Aqua 0.

4: Improved Programmatic Interface, Better Performance, Richer Finance Applications, and MoreTerra 0.

7: Better Visualization, Compilation, Memorization.. More details

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