Start your journey of Data Science with DataCamp

Start your journey of Data Science with DataCampShashank ShekharBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingMar 9If you are someone who is thinking to start a career in Data Science, or have little experience and want to explore the field of Data Science extensively.

I was at same place few months ago.

In this blog I will guide you how and where to start learning Data Science.

When I felt need of learning Data Science, to find optimal resource to learn I searched entire web and shortlisted few MOOCs(Massive online open courses) as well as books, but after trying them all I finally stumbled upon DataCamp.

That was the point where my Data Science journey started.

DataCamp offers courses in Python as well as in R.

You can choose whichever language you like to start your Data Science journey.

There are only few courses available in free account.

I am going to share how to get 2 months subscription free for DataCamp, to get access to all courses.

Follow these steps to get two months DataCamp subscription for free.

(which usually costs $25 a month)Create a DataCamp account (If don’t have one).


Signup forMicrosoft account and verify it.

(If don’t have one)3.

Go to Visual Studio Dev Essentials page.

Click on Join or access now.


Go to https://my.


com/Benefits and click on DataCamp to activate.

You will be redirected to DataCamp and two month subscription will be activated.

 Enjoy!!!Best of luck for your journey in Data Science.

Feel free to contact me at https://shashankshekhar.


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