The Art of Bug Reporting

Save developers some time and confusion and describe how you think it should be fixed here.

Screenshots!If you can see the problem, take a screenshot of it and include it with your bug report.

This can sometimes be the single most important thing you can offer up.

If you can mark up your screenshot to point to the issue, even better.

Developers also need your affectionIf you find something wrong — no matter how alarming it seems, stop what you’re doing, take a step back and write a decent bug report.

If you do not have a ticket tracker (which would be ideal), it would be as easy as firing up the email or a text document and beginning to document the incident with love.

Don’t just call them up or send a one-liner message.

Document your bug before you make the alert to prioritize and reference when making your fix.

So now when you check out that shiny new software released and something breaks, you know how to get it fixed faster, more effectively and without frustrating anyone.

You become a helpful part of a team, instead of a clueless outsider and hey, maybe you learned some things to make you a more software-savvy person in the process.


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