insideBIGDATA 2019 Annual Executive Round Up

Our annual insideBIGDATA Executive Round Up showcases the insights of thought leaders on the state of the big data industry, and where it is headed.

In our annual 2019 round up, we examine five topics: the importance of AI explainability in 2019, what industries are making the best competitive use of AI in 2019, how enterprises are seeking to improve technological infrastructure and cloud hosting processes for supporting AI, how AI-optimized hardware solves important compute and storage requirements, and how AI plays important roles at 3 leading companies.

Here is the full question and answer session, organized by topic.

The Importance of Opening the AI Black Box in 2019 Industries Making the Best Competitive Use of AI in 2019 Enterprises Seek to Improve Technological Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting Processes for Supporting AI How AI-optimized Hardware Solves Important Compute and Storage Requirements AI Plays Important Roles at 3 Leading Companies Here are links to the individual Q&A Executive Spotlights for each of our distinguished panel members: Ayush Parashar, Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering for Unifi Software.

Robert Lee, Vice President & Chief Architect, Pure Storage, Inc.

Oliver Schabenberger, COO & CTO at SAS.

The conversation is moderated by insideBIGDATA Managing Editor & Resident Data Scientist Daniel D.


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