Marco Aurélio Deleu

Pub/Sub with AWS SNS, SQS and LaravelPublish to SNS, Subscribe SQS and work the messages reliably on…Running Laravel Artisan commands on AWS FargateLearn how to run Artisan without SSH Access with Docker, ECS and FargateI’ve recently published my thoughts on running a scalable, highly available Laravel project behind…The Challenges of Running Laravel on AWSAfter working for two years with Laravel at a corporate-level SaaS, I’ve gathered some…Simple and Complete Module-based Laravel APII’m a big fan of writing module-based software, but I’m not so fond of relying on…Mapping Form Request to EloquentLaravel comes with API Resources to map an Eloquent object into a response.

But what about the…Always return JSON with Laravel APII’ve recently started working on some small projects that will only use the backend portion of…Dynamic (but limited) Page Size with Laravel PaginationLet users decide, but don’t let users abuse.

The Ultimate Guide for Laravel Multi Tenant with Multi DatabaseHow I destroyed the staging databaseAnd how I will prevent it from ever happening againGoogle Token Authentication with LaravelI recently implemented Multi Factor Authentication in one of the projects I work….

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