Infographic: The Typical Data Scientist 2019

It’s hardly a surprise to anyone in the tech and related industries that “data scientist” is the best job to have these days.

After all, this has been what sources like the Harvard Business Review and Glassdoor report for what is now four years in a row.

And even if we take the base salary of $108,000 out of the equation, the position is still plenty attractive on all other dimensions.

For example, the current shift towards using machine learning to fast-track business growth secures a steady cross-industry need for skilled professionals capable of handling data and the emerging technologies.

The infographic below, produced by our friends over at 365DataScience, suggests that the field is evolving and, with it, the typical professional evolves as well.

The collective “data scientist” profile was informed by a study on 1,001 professionals currently employed as data scientist.

The data was collected from these data participants’ LinkedIn profiles and according to a series of prerequisites.

Forty percent of the sample were currently employed at a Fortune 500 company, whereas the remainder worked elsewhere; in addition, location quotas were introduced to ensure limited bias: US (40%), UK (30%), India (15%) and other countries (15%).

The selection was based on preliminary research on the most popular countries for data science, where information is public.

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