Data Science for Decision Makers

What will the next 5 years look like?I believe we are going to see more of the same trends.

Data science will expand across more and more verticals and more and more countries.

I’ve been doing work with companies from all over the world (from Egypt and Cyprus, to the US and Germany).

Industries in all countries are trying to catch up with the trend, collect more data and make better use of it.

We will keep seeing a shortage of data scientists, but it might not be as bad, given that (as I mentioned in the previous question), we will see the appearance of many data scientists with limited skills, who will be sufficiently good to solve most problems.

Can you tell us about your upcoming event that covers data science and AI?It’s coming up soon, on March 21st 2019, and is a workshop that covers everything a decision maker needs to know about data science, such as how to use data science in a company, or how to hire and manage data scientists.

The motto of my company, The Tesseract Academy, is “technology made simple”.

Most of the resources and events out there are either very technical, or very fluffy.

The goal of the Tesseract Academy is to deliver training in this fine balance, that helps a decision maker understand what data science is about, and how it can be used, but without assuming that they will develop anything themselves.

I have people from all backgrounds coming to the workshop.

Investors (who want to learn more about the subject), recruiters (who want to understand more about how data scientists think), CEOs of scale-ups or startups and product managers.

I think you recently published a book — what is it about?It is the “Decision Maker’s Handbook to Data Science”.

Much like the workshop, it is a high level overview of data science, and covers everything a decision maker needs to know about data science.

It includes many case studies from my experience, as well as various examples from multiple industries.

I also hand it over for free to the participants of the data science workshopIt is available in PDF format from my blog, but also on all major e-book platforms (Kindle, PlayStore, iTunes, etc.

)Finally, besides the resources you have published, what are your recommended go-to websites, books and courses?I guess this depends on what path of your learning journey you are in!.I am working on releasing a new training program for aspiring data scientists called Datalyst.

However, I, myself, am concerned with keeping up with the latest trends on research and the most cutting edge techniques.

I am reading the blogs of all major companies doing research in AI (Uber, Google, Facebook, etc.


I am also reading the papers from all major conferences (ICML, NeurIPS, AI & Stats, etc.


Finally, there are some blogs and newsletters I am following, such as Data Elixir and Towards Data Science.

In ConclusionThanks Stelios, it was good to get some clarity from someone so clearly gifted with the ability of simple explanation, which is close to my heart!.I’ll look forward to find out more from your workshop in March, and wish you — and all budding data scientists — happy number crunching!.. More details

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