What you need to know for your first developer job that you won’t learn in school

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Coworkers are not always familiar with the subject you’re working with.

More often than not are working on something unrelated to your specific issue.

By being friendly and giving context before asking a question you’ll find that conversations run a lot more smoothly.

You’ll get your problems solved faster too.

To improve on this try talking to yourself when you are facing a problem.

Try to describe as much as you can about the situation at hand.

Unconsciously you’ll do the same when you’re talking to someone else in the future.

WritingPhoto: UnsplashWriting code is easy.

If your code isn’t working the machine will tell you.

Writing for people is the true challenge.

Doesn’t take long when you start working to find that writing is a huge part of your job, I’d say as important as programming.

You need it to document changes in your code, to send emails to coworkers, to define technical requirements and even to describe how your code works using comments.

Writing is about transforming your thoughts and emotions into words.

When you write something you need to take into account the subject, the audience and the channel you’re using.

If you’re talking to a fellow developer it’s OK to be more technical.

When you’re explaining how the system works to the marketing team words like callback and API might make zero sense.

You’ll find that when sending a message how you say it is often more important than what you say.

This extends to verbal communication as well, but writing is much harder because when you write for big audiences, instead of a one-on-one conversation, you only have one chance of sending the message right.

If someone doesn’t get what you mean at first, they don’t have an opportunity to ask you the same instant.

This is particularly important when you write code documentation and articles (like this one).

It’s important to be as clear as possible to the audience you’re working with.

To improve your writing skills my advice is to write as much as you can about things you know and love and to read a lot.

Always take some time every day to read about new tech, for example.

You’ll not only improve your writing but you’ll learn lots of new things too.

Here’s a great article about this subject.

ConclusionDevelopers often think that their jobs are about computers, and that’s as wrong as it can be.

A developer job is about people, computers are just our tools.

You create solutions that make people’s lives easier and better, and that requires a great amount of empathy.

If you ask me the most important skill to learn as a junior developer I’d say you should learn how to work in a group.

All skills in this article help with that goal.

You might change your field of expertise in a few years.

You might drop programming for a management position, but you’ll be working with people until you die.

And being a team-player is much more desirable to employers than being a rockstar developer.

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