Derrick Mwiti

Binary Classification using Keras in RMany packages in Python also have an interface in R.

Keras by RStudio is the R…Using a Keras Embedding Layer to Handle Text DataObject Detection with LuminothIn this article, we’ll see how we can use the Luminoth library to detect objects in pictures or videos…Using Caret in R to Classify Term Deposit Subscriptions for a BankAutomated Machine Learning in PythonAs we already know, machine learning is a way of automating complex problem-solving.

But can…2018 Year-in-Review: Mobile Conferences and ML Bits2018 Year-in-Review: AI & Machine Learning Conferences2018 Year-in-Review: Machine Learning Open Source Projects & FrameworksTop open source projects and…Sales Forecasting Using Facebook’s ProphetSales forecasting is one the most common tasks in many sales-driven organizations…Using a Keras Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Model to Predict Stock Prices.

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