Conquering the Code-Along

Think of ways the project might be expanded, extra features you could add.

Building off of the scaffolding from a tutorial is a great way to keep the training wheels on while practicing and discovering the features of a new technology.

I put this one last on the list because the experience of starting from scratch and having to recall the necessary steps is far more valuable for your long-term learning than continuing to work off of the same base, and taking the groundwork for granted.

The moral of the story is this: try to turn a passive tutorial reading or viewing experience into a more active process of engagement.

When educational content goes down smoothly and seems to pass by without friction, it will escape your memory just as easily.

True content mastery comes from grappling with the material, often learning the hard way by making mistakes.

Give yourself the opportunity to create and solve problems in the process of learning by actively participating, instead of passively spectating.


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