Michael Galarnyk

The Cost of Financing a Car (Car Loans)Learn about how monthly car payments (equated monthly…How to Use and Create a Z-Table (Standard Normal Table)How to use a Z-TableAccess Data from Twitter API using R and PythonUnderstanding BoxplotsThe image above is a boxplot.

A boxplot is a standardized way of displaying the distribution of data based on a five…Setup a Data Science Environment on your Personal ComputerLearn about the various options you have to setup a data science environment with Python, R, Git, and Unix Shell on your local computer.

How to Build a Data Science PortfolioHow do you get a job in data science?.Knowing enough statistics, machine learning…Python Sets and Set TheoryLearn about Python sets: what they are, how to create them, when to use…Explaining the 68-95-99.

7 rule for a Normal DistributionPCA using Python (scikit-learn)Using Scrapy to Build your Own Dataset.. More details

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