Article | “Amazon is Showing Healthcare is the Next Big Thing for Machine Learning”

Source: Medium |  Author: Michael K.

Spencer Amazon is Showing Healthcare is the Next Big Thing for Machine Learning Amazon will save Healthcare industry $Billions via machine learning algo that extracts key data from patient records — it’s an EMR revolution by AI.

Amazon has had a health innovation stealth unit called 1492 for quite some time.

We’re slowly starting to understand how sweeping its changes are going to be.

Recently we learned how Amazon will reportedly sell software that reads medical records.

With ballooning healthcare costs anticipated in the next two decades globally, AI at the services of healthcare will be extremely important.

It appears Amazon’s newest service uses machine learning to extract medical data from patient records.

The Age of Machine Learning Healthcare is Coming The implications here are massive: Amazon Comprehend Medical, which involves analyzing medical data could revolutionize patient diagnosis.

Machine learning at the intersection of EMR (electronic medical records) could help predict outcomes to save costs.

Amazon announced the service on November 27th, 2018.

Eventually, it’s rather likely Prime members would opt-in to Amazon having access to their health data and patient records, which could be a win-win for both parties.

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