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List Comprehension in PythonLists are a basic building block for a developer in any language.

Python is no different.

However at first…Recursion vs.

Looping in PythonToday, we’re going to look at two ways to manipulate data and solve…Using Python To Evaluate Lil John’s “Turn Down For What”Building a Web Scraper from start to finishWhat is a Web Scraper?Python/Flask Data Visualization & Interactive MapsTopic Modeling and Data Visualization with Python/FlaskTernary Trouble in PerlI ran into a problem in Perl the other day that has perplexed me since, simply because I haven’t yet found an answer…Generating Mock Data with PerlRecently at work, in order to test code, our team has created tests which mock data, or in some cases…The Magic of Array References in PerlIn the world of programming, you can’t get very far without coming across nested data structures.

For example, a JavaScript Object might look like the following:var cats = { "name":"Mr.

Tickles", "owners": { "owner1" : "Tom"…Basic Database Interaction-PythonI recently had a project, where I needed to create references to one collection in another….

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