3,000th blog post

I just saw that I’d written 2,999 blog posts, so that makes this one the 3,000th.

About a year ago was the 10th anniversary, and Tim Hopper wrote his retrospective about my blog.

In addition to chronological blog posts, there are about 200 “pages” on the site, mostly technical notes.

These include the most popular content on the site.

***The following is a rambling discussion of things that have changed over the history of the blog.

I started out posting a little more than once a day on average.

I’ve slowed down a little, but I still wrote about 300 posts over the last year.

My posts are getting a little longer.

They’re still fairly short, but a little longer than they used to be.

I’ve also started using more footnotes.

That has worked out well, letting me write for two audiences at the same time: those who want a high-level overview and those who want technical details.

More people are reading from mobile devices, so I moved to a responsive design.

I also use more SVG images because they look great across a variety of platforms.

HTTPS has become more common, and I switched to HTTPS a while back.

Google nearly killed RSS when it killed the most popular RSS reader.

I announce most of my posts on Twitter because Twitter has sorta taken the place of RSS.

You can still subscribe by RSS, and many do, but not as many as before the demise of Google Reader.

I’ve been writing more about privacy and security lately because I’m doing more work with privacy and security.

I was reluctant to start blogging, but I gave it a chance after several people exhorted me to do it.

I was especially hesitant to allow comments, but the signal to noise ratio has been a pleasant surprise (aside from the millions of comments blocked by my spam filter).

I’ve learned a lot from your feedback.

I’ve met a lot of friends and clients through the blog and am very glad I started it.


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