Article | “Here Are 27 Expert Predictions on How You’ll Live With Artificial Intelligence in the Near Future”

Source: Inc.

Magazine | Dec 12, 2018 Author: Eric Mack It might make life better or it might be the end of us.

Either way, it’s coming and here’s what it’s going to look like.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news on artificial intelligence, you’re well aware that we can expect the nascent category of technologies to revolutionize our entire society.

Unless, of course, it ends up annihilating us instead, as some like Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking have warned.

To try and bring some clarity to the issue, the Pew Research Center surveyed almost 1,000 smart people with salient thoughts on thinking machines.

Perhaps not surprisingly, on the aggregate, the experts think artificial intelligence will benefit humanity, but they also worry that it will destroy or damage society.

The big concerns that were repeated most included artificial intelligence bringing a loss of jobs and human agency, abusive surveillance or data use and even the kind of violent mayhem the doomsayers have prognosticated.

Overall, a fairly strong majority of people surveyed think these dangers can be mitigated.

Pew asked if, by 2030, they thought that the expanding role of artificial intelligence would leave us better or worse off.

Turns out 63 percent were hopeful we’ll be better off.

In their responses, many of the experts elaborated on their vision of our future with A.


and some of the quotes make for the most fascinating parts of a rather lengthy report.

I went through all of them and hand-picked some of the most interesting, all by myself and without the help of any machine learning algorithms.

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