Keith McNulty

In R Shiny, when is an error really an error?How to test your server side output and stop unnecessary…Are you mixing up odds with probability?Odds and probability are different, and too many people make…How to cut out the SQL middle-person in analyticsConstantly manually executing SQL queries for your…How to build an analytics team for impact in an organizationThe analytics value lifecycle is a…What does ‘significant’ mean?In the business world, too few people ask about statistical significance…What smoking did for people analyticsSurvival analysis has valuable applications outside medicineHow to play Star Wars and other tunes in RMake the sine waves for the Star Wars theme and have R play…How to build R Shiny apps that update themselvesHow to write tidy SQL queries in RAvoid hacky SQL strings and inefficient querying by using dbplyr.

Bluff the bots — a glossary of key terms in Machine LearningIf you don’t have a technical background….

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