Getting Started with Kaggle Competitions

Two Sigma Using News to Predict Stock Movements Type: Featured Teams: 2,902 Prize: $100,000 LANL Earthquake Prediction Type: Research Teams: 573 Prize $50,000 Elo Merchant Category Recommendation Type: Featured Teams: 2,887 Prize: $50,000 Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction Type: Featured Teams: 1,104 Prize: $45,000 PetFinder.

my Adoption Prediction Type: Featured Teams: 712 Prize: $25,000 VSB Power line Fault Detection Type: Featured Teams: 520 Prize: $25,000 Microsoft Malware Prediction Type: Research Teams: 1,178 Prize: $25,000 Humpback Whale Identification Type: Featured Teams: 1,402 Prize: $25,000 Quora Insincere Questions Classification Type: Featured Teams: 3,616 Prize: $25,000 Digital Recognizer Type: Getting Started Teams: 2,680 Prize: Knowledge Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster Type: Getting Started Teams: 10,234 Knowledge House Prices: Advanced Regression Technniques Type: Getting Started Teams: 4,443 Prize: Knowledge ImageNet Object Localization Challenge Type: Research Teams: 31 Prize: Knowledge Predict Future Sales Type: Playground Teams: 2,170 Prize: Kudos Hisopathologic Cancer Detection Type: Playground Teams: 452 Prize: Knowledge Reducing Commercial Aviation Fatalities Type: Playground Teams: 83 Prize: SWAG PUBG Finish Placement Prediction (Kernels Only) Type: Playground Teams: 1,450 Prize: SWAG Similar Posts body { background:#222; text-align:center; font-size:180%; margin:2em; font-family: Calibri, arial, sans-serif; } .

sim-post{ color:white; padding-top:1.

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sim-post:before{ content:▲; font-size:.

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sim-post:hover{ color:; border-color:; } .

sim-post:hover:before{ transform: rotate(180deg); }.. More details

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