Be the Peter Keating of Data Science, Not Howard Roark

Maybe they just want to learn from someone who is even a little more knowledgeable than them.

Be it for learning, discussing ideas or even networking with the folks in the trade.

What we don’t realize is just how many people out there are seeking anyone who knows even a little more than they do.

It was not a long time back I thought like this myself.

Although I have had a blog for more than a few years, I was never fully an active writer.

Most of my blog posts have been about creating codebases around data science technology, which I could access at a later time while working.

It was not to build a following, but nevertheless, it provided me with a platform.

And surprisingly, I built up quite a good following on various networks like Quora, Medium and my blog around my skillset without doing much.

This actually proves the point — People are looking to find someone just a little better than they are.

Every day we think of starting something without starting it is a wasted day.

Ideas will come to fruition more often than they will if we start them and not sit on them.

And that is my resolution for the coming year.

I will be opening up my Jupyter Notebook to code something before drawing up detailed plans.

Or maybe I will write my plans in the notebook itself.

But those plans will not be detailed, nor will I be perfect.


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