Venkat Raman

How I used NLP (Spacy) to screen Data Science ResumesDo the keywords in your Resume aptly represent…How To Dockerize an R shiny App — Part 2Step by Step illustration to Dockerize a R shiny AppSo, How Many ML Models You Have NOT Built?The Mark of Great Data Scientist is perhaps implementing ML…Hawaii False Missile Alert — Removing Confusion From Confusion MatrixThe UI design was not wrong !!Which Machine Learning Algo will continue to be in use in year 2118?Want To Become a Data Scientist?.Try Feynman Technique.

How to Dockerize an R Shiny App — Part 1Docker explained through LegosRecommender Engine — Under The HoodTF-IDF explained intuitivelyHow to host an R Shiny App on AWS cloud in 7 simple stepsWhat is R Shiny App?.

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