Python In 30 days:{1} Move From Zero To Some Sort Of Hero

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IDECommand LineShellIDEAn IDE stands for an Integrated Development Environment.

An IDE is where we would be writing our code that one day hopes to be powerful enough to hack the World Bank.

it is a software that enables us to write code that is translated into a program by a compiler or interpreter.

It is very important to use the right IDE that suits you and the types of operations you’re looking to perform on it.

One Good example of an IDE i enjoy using is Visual Studio Code as most programmers can testify that it really is one of the best IDEs for developers out there.

vscode screenshotCommand lineAccording to wikipedia,https://en.


org/wiki/Command-line_interfaceA command-line interface or command language interpreter (CLI), also known as command-lineuser interface, console user interface and character user interface (CUI), is a means of interacting with a computer program where the user (or client) issues commands to the program in the form of successive lines of text.

In programming, mastering of the command line is a very important skill anyone should have as it gives us more control and flexibility over our computers.

Shell (python)Shell, also called as the interactive shell, is basically the command-line interface.

In Mac you have the terminal, in Windows you have CMD.

You can write Python Code mainly by two ways: Write your Python code in a .

py file and then run it with your shell by typing ‘python filename.


or opening the python command prompt, either by just typing python in the windows/linux command prompt or by opening the installed python shell and then entering code line by line.

You can also open the python shell by opening the python.

exe application once python is installed on your computer.

I am not actually sure whats the exact deference between these two ways of running the python code does in the background, but the output of the code is the same.

Your First Python ScriptTo Get started with using python, you would need to have some applications installed on your device first.

For Computers:You would need an IDE and python application installed.

There are many IDEs we could use but for this tutorial, we would be sticking with the Pycharm IDE as its a special IDE built specifically for running python and its related scripts.

Installing And Running Python On Your ComputerVisit https://www.


org/downloads/ and download your preferred version of python.

as at the time of writing this aricle, the current stable version of python available is python 3.


The version of python you install might affect some of the applications you run.

For example if you run a command saying print(9/2) on python 3.

7 your output is 4.

5 whereas the same command would give you 4 on python 2.

7 .

Download the preferred version of python suitable for your OS and begin the installation process on your computer.

Once installed successfully, we can begin to run our python scripts and soon be able to hack NASA.

How To Write Python Code On Your SmartphoneMost people fail to realize that you can actually delve into software development armed with nothing but a smartphone — oh and of course, the passion to code.

Apps you can use to code python using your smartphone.

Below are the applications i recommend for coding and practicing python with your smartphone.

Sololearn : For android Users |For Ios users.

Dcoder Android app.

Code Python From Your BrowserIf you prefer to skip any installation and setup processes, you could make use of a browser based python IDE.

Personally i make use of repl.


You could also make use of the official python shell from here.


it IDE snapshotNow that our environment is setup let’s proceed to run our first python script.

in your IDE or shell, type in print('hello, world!') and hit the run button or press enter if you are using the shell.

You should get a result similar to the one belowHello World In Python.

same result on pycharm IDE.

That basically is day one folks!The Link to the next chapter would be included in an update once day2 is published.

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