Key habits and things I wish I knew earlier as a developer

Is your public information easily accessible?Use the magic of search engine to achieve your objectives whether it’s sharing wisdom, promoting your brand, attracting followers, or spreading awareness.

Things you should avoidIt takes time to build and remove habits.

Do not give up easilyThere are different cues that lead to giving up.

As a software developer you will easily come acrossAnnoying issuesPoor legacy codeLearning other languages, tools, and domain knowledgeWorking with people who have different coding habits, opinion, etcIt is generally a good habit not to give up and keep trying but, don’t be stubborn and understand when is the right time to let go and move on.

When it comes to coding, if you are on the verge of giving up, try followingTake a break and come back later or the next dayTry solving it on paperAsk for help from those with expertiseDo not copy assignmentsWhen I started my computer science degree, the first C programming assignment was “Write a program that computes x^n (x to power of n) using + (plus) and — (minus) operators where x and n are integers provided by the user”.

It took me a long time with no access to internet to find a solution on paper.

I learned not to give up and keep trying and the following assignments become easier and easier.

Do not fall for social network addictionBelieve it or not, a majority of social networks are powered by algorithms that have one goal — Increase the ROI for the company using your time.

I recommend to come up with strategies on how to use social networks to get closer to your goals — think of your own ROI when you invest your time.

Do not lose hope, you are smarter than you thinkLastly, feeling hopeless and worried is going to be a frequent visitor and you will have to learn how to deal with it.

Here are a few points in your defenseDon’t let knowledge gap make you worry or hopeless — see article belowDon’t be intimidated by those who are better — You will get thereDon’t lose hope for not knowing everything i.


AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc — you will learn them eventuallyDan Abramov, one of the developers I follow is the co-creator of famous Redux framework wrote the following article that I consider a great read.

Things I Don't Know as of 2018December 28, 2018 * ☕️ 6 min read People often assume that I know far more than I actually do.

That's not a bad problem…overreacted.

ioHere is an amazing documentary called Do You Trust This Computer?.on AI and it’s future implications if you are interested.

Relevant articlesFinally, some relevant articles for those who wish to read more.

One of my favourite articles on 25 Tips for New Developers by AliA must read article Advice to new software developers where he touches on Product vs Consulting company for career/internship.

What New Developers Should Really Focus On by Lydia who also wrote another article that might resonate to new developers.

Some great tips by Stephen on his blog post (Code by hand — my absolute favorite, take breaks when debugging)Another 15 Tips for Junior Developers by Natasha on her blog (Separate your concerns i.


SRP, write short methods, find a mentor)Some amazing tips by Emad on his blog (i.


contribution to open source, asking asking, writing blogs, etc)Some very useful points by Emad for junior developersPrevious article on Java Coding best practices forA short summary of Java coding best practicesbased on coding standards by Oracle, Google, Twitter and Spring Frameworkmedium.


. More details

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