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A new Python kernel for JupyterProject Jupyter aims at providing a consistent set of tools for interactive computing workflows across…Teaching and Learning with JupyterFrom the early days — even before the Jupyter name — many of us foresaw that the IPython Notebook…Introducing repo2dockerThe Binder Project’s repo2docker tool gives data scientists the benefits of containerization technology without…The Future of JupyterCon, 2019 and BeyondProject Jupyter’s goals for our annual conference include serving our global community, connecting Jupyter users from different disciplines, showcasing their knowledge, and celebrating the many ways that Jupyter is making an impact in the world.

In…elife sprint: Integrating Stencila and BinderShort report on the project nbstencilaproxy for…Jupyter Hackathon Series in HawaiiPyHawaii hosted a three-part Jupyter Hackathon as part of a workshop grant, generously offered by…Highlights From The 2018 NYC DISC SprintAcknowledgements:Thank you to Two Sigma for hosting…Outreachy & Jupyter: Supporting diversity in open communitiesJupyter Notebook security fixesTwo security issues have been found and fixed this week, where untrusted javascript could be executed if malicious files could be delivered to the users system and the user takes specific actions with those malicious files.

Jupyter Community Workshops: Call for ProposalsThe large majority of Jupyter’s work is accomplished through remote, online collaboration; yet, over the years, we have found deep value in focused in-person work over a few days.

In-person events are particularly useful for tackling challenging…MyBinder.

org serves two million launchesby the Binder TeamContribute to your first open source projectThis Friday, 10/26, NumFOCUS DISC is excited to host a first of its kind Open…On-demand Notebooks with JupyterHub, Jupyter Enterprise Gateway and KubernetesHow to Deploy JupyterHub with Kubernetes on OpenStackJupyter is now widely used for teaching and…JupyterDay in the TriangleWe’re excited to announce the next JupyterDay event!.Please join us for JupyterDay in the Triangle on November….

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