How to work with data analysts efficiently and happily?— tips from an analyst

If so, I’d suggest you to free up analysts’ time in this case.

You should understand the main power of having analysts embedded is able to have an access to a holistic story filled with insights, rather than owning a data ATM.

A lot of my stakeholders actually come from analytical backgrounds.

With that, they see analysts as real gem — they reach out to us and always ask ‘what do you think?’.

With our daily monitoring work, deciphering a mysterious problem can easily be accelerated with analytical insights.


Don’t under-estimate your own analytical abilityAmong all the ad-hoc requests I received, quite a few were simple calculation problems or one-line queries.

I asked them why they reached out to me for this?.They said they were afraid of making mistakes.

I totally understand where the fear comes from, since one wrong digit can result in a huge difference.

Trust me, even after 2 years being an analyst, I still get nervous and question myself every single time before sharing a data point.

But that’s a fear that we all need to confront and will sooner or later build the confidence.

For example, I was asked to track the conversion rate at the first day after a new feature was launched.

After putting effort on monitoring the rate for a week, I knew there was no way to have a conversion rate lower than 70% because I already built a benchmark in mind.

As an analyst, I extremely appreciate my stakeholders who are not only comfortable on conducting analysis by themselves but also questioning my analytical work regularly.

The operation managers I worked with were always validating my data work by their ‘benchmark’ and sometimes challenge me on the rigorousness or methods.

Thanks for that, I am getting much better than I thought I’d be.

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gl/images/dKLNEeThat’s few of my takeaway that I found helpful and applicable for a wider audience.

Thanks for your time on reading this.

I genuinely hope that the tips I shared can help bring a better working experience to you and your analysts.


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