Tirthajyoti Sarkar

Optimization at the heart of Machine LearningWe show the core optimization…What if your data is NOT Normal?What rule to apply when the data does not look like coming from a…How to analyze “Learning”: Short tour of Computational Learning TheoryKnowing the fundamentals of…What is Benford’s Law and why is it important for data science?We discuss a little-known gem for data…Where did the least-square come from?What would you say in a machine learning interview, if asked about the mathematical basis of the least-square loss function?When Bayes, Ockham, and Shannon come together to define machine learningWe discuss Minimum…Essential Math for Data ScienceThe key topics to master to become a better data scientistHow to write your favorite R functions — in Python?R vs Python — the debate rages on.

Meanwhile, we try to take a middle path and create a Python script mimicking convenient R-style functions for doing….

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