Learn Python from Top 50 Articles for the Past Year (v.2019)

Here are Python’s 3 main applications.

No 6Learn Functional Python in 10 Minutes.

No 7Python Tricks 101: Python tips which are relatively uncommon and are very useful.

<Case Study>No 8Breaking a Wine Glass in Python By Detecting the Resonant Frequency.

No 9The Waiting Time Paradox, or, Why Is My Bus Always Late?.

No 10PLSDR: A powerful Python-based software-defined radio (SDR).

No 11Extracting Super Mario Bros levels with Python.

No 12Creating A Simple Live Flight Tracking in Python.

<Web Scraping>No 13Web Scraping Using Python.

No 14How I automated my job search by building a web crawler from scratch.

No 15I was looking for a house, so I built a web scraper in Python!.

No 16Practical Introduction to Web Scraping in Python — Real Python.

No 17Intro To Web Scraping With Python.

No 18Web Scraping, Regular Expressions, and Data Visualization: Doing it all in Python.

<Bot>No 19How To Create A Twitter Bot With Python | Build a Startup #4.

No 20Creating a Reddit Bot to Detect Spam — Python Reddit API Wrapper (PRAW) tutorial p.


No 21Building a Simple Chatbot from Scratch in Python (using NLTK).

<Automation>No 22Controlling the Web with Python.

No 23Automated Feature Engineering in Python.

<Blockchain>No 24A Practical Introduction to Blockchain with Python .

<Web App>No 25Master Python through building real-world applications (Part 1): Building an Interactive Dictionary.

No 26Watch me build a real startup with Python and JavaScript | Web Development | Build A Startup #1.

<Django>No 279 Django Tips for Working with Databases.

No 28A comprehensive Django CBV guide.

No 29Building Modern Applications with Django and Vue.


No 30How to Use RESTful APIs with Django.

<Flask>No 31Make a Web App Using Python & Flask!.

No 32Designing Well-Structured REST APIs with Flask-RestPlus: Part 1.

No 33The Flask Mega-Tutorial Part XVI: Full-Text Search — miguelgrinberg.


<Testing>No 34Getting Started With Testing in Python — Real Python.

<AWS>No 356 things I’ve learned in my first 6 months using serverless.

No 36Ever had issues with Python packaging in AWS Lambdas?.The Case of the Broken Lambda .

No 37Working with AWS — Vicki Boykis.

<Data Visualization>No 38Jake VanderPlas — Exploratory Data Visualization with Vega, Vega-Lite, and Altair — PyCon 2018.

No 39Introduction to Geospatial Data in Python — Plot the path of Hurricane Florence.

No 40Intro — Data Visualization GUIs with Dash and Python p.


<Math>No 41Python Markov Chains Beginner Tutorial.

No 42Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Disguise (algorithm for solving the shortest paths problem) .

No 43Essential Math for Data Science — ‘Why’ and ‘How’.

No 44Google Coding Interview — Universal Value Tree Problem.

No 45Estimating Probabilities with Bayesian Modeling in Python.

<Concepts>No 46Memory Management in Python — Real Python.

No 47Documenting Python Code: A Complete Guide — Real Python.

<Prediction>No 48Bitcoin Prediction.

No 49LSTM in Python: Stock Market Predictions.

No 50Predicting H-1B Visa Applications with Python.

That’s it for Python Tutorials of the Year.

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