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Announcing Psalm v3TL;DR: Psalm is a PHP static analysis tool that’s designed to improve large codebases by identifying both obvious and…Vimeo + OpenAPIThe Vimeo API is now available as an OpenAPI specification on GitHub, and also through…How Vimeo can power live streaming hologramsAt a recent meetup in Vimeo’s Brooklyn office, we live…Tiny Universe: a music video featuring Vimeo 360 creatorsVimeo joins the Alliance for Open MediaI’m proud to announce that Vimeo has officially joined the Alliance for Open Media.

The Alliance for Open Media, or AOMedia for short, is a nonprofit organization that brings together the world’s leading companies in video to define…Making Art with Vimeo Max/MSPExperimental digital art has existed for over 20 years, and it has grown increasingly nuanced in that time, with better devices and connectivity.

We’ve come a long way from writing music with mainframe computers.

More artists over the last decade have turned to computers…Fixing code that ain’t brokenIn June of 2015, the Vimeo Codebase was large, sprawling, and full of magic.

It processed many millions of requests every hour.

The users were happy, and the company grew.

The Codebase worked.

Unity, Vimeo, Sundance: the tech that’s changing storytellingIntroducing the new Vimeo upload APIVimeo’s got some pretty big news to share today.

We’ve just rolled out an all-new, all-awesome version of our API — and we want you to be the first to use it.

(Well, among the first.

We did send out an email blast or two to some of you.

)Graphing systems metrics with netdata, Prometheus, and Grafana.

. More details

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