“I Want to Learn Programming but I Don’t Know where to Start”

It’s classified as an object-oriented programming language (you’ll learn what this means later on) and it’s used to make desktop, web, and mobile applications.If you prefer learning from a book, I recommend the following: Head First Java.If you’re looking for a video tutorial, I recommend watching videos #1–19, 31–33, 88, and 93 in the Java YouTube tutorial by Derek Banas: Java Video Tutorial.The first video in the YouTube tutorial will direct you to download a computer program called Eclipse..Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)..You can think of an IDE as a fancy term for a word editor that is made for programmers..It’s just a computer application that provides a text editor for programming, along with other tools for running your programs..Here’s the link to Derek Banas’s YouTube video on how to download Eclipse: Install Eclipse for Java.4 — Algorithms and Data StructuresAn algorithm is a set of instructions (or steps) for performing a specific task, where each step must be clearly defined, capable of being executed, and finite (meaning, it doesn’t continue executing infinitely).A data structure is a way of organizing data in memory.Algorithms and data structures are two of the most challenging topics of programming..You don’t need to learn algorithms for basic competency in programming..However, if you aspire to work as a software engineer at a reputable tech company, you will be expected to demonstrate comprehension of algorithms and data structures during the interviews.On a personal note, the tutorial below is what took my algorithm skills from novice to expert: Udemy tutorial on Algorithms and Data Structures..I’ve purchased a lot of tutorials on algorithms..This was by far the most comprehensive one that I’ve come across..Whether you want to learn algorithms and data structures or prepare for technical interviews, this tutorial is your best bet for success.Note: the course is expensive, but essential..I was able to get in contact with the instructor, and she has generously offered a coupon code which reduces the cost from $50 to $10..The coupon code will be applied automatically when you click the link.I recommend using the following tutorial alongside the Udemy tutorial: VisuAlgo.. More details

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