Announcing Bonneagar

I’m a firm believer in Occam’s Razor, in that, I have a preference for the simplest answer.

Simple doesn’t mean less than.

Simple doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.

Simple doesn’t mean it’s inelegant.

Simple means uncomplicated.

I shouldn’t need to spend $39.

95 on a book to teach me a framework, in which I still have to reference the documentation site just to get a simple example working.

It means I can drop it into my project and work with it unencumbered.

I can print off a quick 1-page cheat-sheet and off I go.

I don’t need to spend hours configuring and tweaking it.

And that’s what the goal of this project is.

To build a simple, elegant PHP MVC framework that’s small in size and has a very gentle learning curve.

I’m building this project on my 20+ years (I actually started coding in 1989) of experience and building over 50 web applications of all sizes, in across multiple industries, and some of which have survived over a decade and still in use today (in the BladeCenter management module).

No, it won’t do everything for you, but it’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you.

And yes, it’ll be extensible.

It’ll be tiny to start with as I pull together 20 years worth of code, refactor it, and make it all play nicely.

But I’m hoping others will see the vision and chip in to help.

Find more information about the project and it’s goal on the wiki — https://github.

com/paigejulianne14/bonneagar/wikiIf you want to contribute, email paige at paigejulianne dot com with your GitHub user id!Originally published at Paige’s Home on the Web.


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