Trademark symbol, LaTeX, and Unicode

At first I only noticed the trademark symbol, and I fixed it by including a LaTeX package to allow Unicode characters: usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}An alternative fix, one that doesn’t require including a new package, would be to replace the trademark Unicode character with exttrademark..Note the trailing backslash..Without the backslash there would be no space after the trademark symbol..The problem with the unprintable character would remain, but the character could just be deleted.Trademark and UnicodeI found out there are two Unicode code points render the trademark glyph, U+0099 and U+2122..The former is in the Latin 1 Supplement section and is officially a control character..The correct code point for the trademark symbol is the latter..Unicode files U+2122 under Letterlike Symbols and gives it the official name TRADE MARK SIGN.Related postsMath symbols in LaTeX, Unicode, and HTMLAccented letters in HTML, LaTeX, and MS Word[1] Jay Schinfeld, Fady Sharara, Randy Morris, Gianpiero D..Palermo, Zev Rosenwaks, Eric Seaman, Steve Hirshberg, John Cook, Cristina Cardona, G..Charles Ostermeier, and Alexander J..Travis. Cap-Score™ Prospectively Predicts Probability of Pregnancy, Molecular Reproduction and Development..To appear.. More details

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