The Key to the Cloud is Agility

CSPs: Your Agility Partners One solution is to work with a knowledgeable Cloud Services Provider (CSP), particularly one that employs a consultative approach and can customize its Cloud solutions..CSPs are in the “Cloud” business..They possess the expertise and experience in Cloud technologies that you and your staff may not have..They can explain the options and their advantages and disadvantages..That alone is a time saver..In addition, CSPs that take a consultative approach make it a priority to understand your business, so they can steer you towards solutions best suited to your organization’s needs..It’s important to partner with a CSP that can customize its Cloud offerings..Some off-the-shelf Cloud products work just fine for some companies..But most organizations have very complex needs, and complicated, disparate infrastructure..One-size-fits-all solutions seldom fit..A CSP that is agile in how it builds it solutions to fit your needs will better serve you..It’s an Agile World The IT industry is continuously changing, particularly in terms of Cloud technologies.. More details

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