The Future of AI, Voice Assistants, and Augmented Intelligence in 2019

This year we’re going to see Voice Assistants smart enough to really ‘get’ us..They’re already providing assistance with simple tasks – a friendly voice helping walk you through a recipe or pick out a playlist you’ll like..In 2019, there will be a lot more Augmented Intelligence used..They will be able to capture those inspirational thoughts as you have them in the shower, and once you get to work, they’ll help you add them onto a meeting agenda..They will remind us as we drive home that we should stop for milk because the fridge has noted we’re all out..They can help us organize our day – or the trip of a lifetime – with a simple conversation as we cook dinner..In 2019, we will also see tentative progress towards the final step, allowing them to be agentive – taking actions on our behalf..We will let them reorder things we need without asking or set up an appointment on our behalf..After all, Google Duplex has already shown us that this is possible..Your Voice Assistant will be the thing that connects all the data from your devices..Once they have shown they are smart enough to be trusted with the little things, we will find ourselves entrusting them with more and more of our lives..Like the smartphone, soon not using a Voice Assistant will make you seem very quaint.. More details

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