Telecom Data and 7 Practical Applications for It

Some telecom companies are moving towards a system that calculates data caps based on user behavior and adjusts the price accordingly, in an effort to be as fair as possible..Whether or not you think corporations will use tiered pricing in a reasonable way depends on your opinion of said corporations..On paper, big data may be able to determine what kind of data consumer you are and adjust your data restrictions to fit your specific needs..This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year..7: Extracting Insight from Call Records For as long as data could be extracted from phone calls, the telecommunications industry has been collecting your telecom data..“Call detail records” (CDRs) are a treasure trove of user information..CDRs are accompanied by metadata which includes parameters such as the numbers of both speakers on the call, the route the call took to connect, any faulty conditions the call experienced, and more..Machine learning models are already working to translate CDRs into valuable insights on improving call quality and customer interactions..It’s important to note that phone companies aren’t the only ones making use of this specific data..Since this metadata contains limited personal information, the Supreme Court ruled that it does not fall under the 4th Amendment, and as such, CDRs are used by law enforcement almost as much as by telcos..This is the first part in a series identifying the practical uses of data science in various industries..Stay tuned for the second part, which will cover data in the healthcare sector.. More details

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