Sustainability Data- Finding Alpha

Using skills I learned at the Data Science Dojo bootcamp, I was able to tweak parameters of our classifier and test an entirely different approach to how to approach semi-supervised learning..In particular, I was able to use my feature engineering skills to create and select features that I would not have considered for the classifier..In addition, I could augment our process by building checkpoints that were able to help with data quality validation..I attribute this to the fact that I could now see how things were all connected..Without the fundamentals that I learned at the Data Science Dojo bootcamp, it would have been challenging to be at the point we are at today..We are nearing the completion of a machine learning pipeline with almost 1M classified excerpts and a corresponding web application displaying this data that we will launch to the public in the fall..Our hope is that this data will change the way capital markets view sustainability and that investors will be able to use this sustainability data to influence the decisions that are made by companies in regard to the material sustainability issues that my organization has researched..This can help to shift the allocation of funds from organizations that focus on less sustainable outcomes to organizations that account for the greatest challenges in climate change, air quality, water management, hazardous materials, material sourcing, and other important sustainability issues.. More details

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