R Language Programming for Excel Users

Understanding the programming language, R, is a vital skill for the aspiring Data Scientist as evidenced by R’s rapid rise in popularity..While the R language ranks behind languages like Java and Python, it has overtaken languages like C#..This is remarkable as R is not a general purpose programming language..This is a testament to the power and utility of R language for Data Science..Not surprisingly, when I mentor folks that are interested into moving into data science one of the first things I determine is their level of coding experience..Invariably, my advice falls along one of two paths: If the aspiring Data Scientist already knows Python, I advise sticking with Python..Otherwise, I advise the aspiring Data Scientist to learn R..To be transparent, I use both R and Python in my work..However, I will freely admit to having a preference for R..In general, I have found the learning curve easier because R was designed from the ground up by statisticians to work with data..Again, R’s rapid rise in popularity as a dedicated language for data is evidence that others feel similarly..Enjoy the Video!. More details

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