Python for Data Science: From Scratch (Part I)

Follow me right till the bottom!????.This article is the first piece in Python for Data Science Series which encompasses everything related to Python, right from the basics to the “cool” stuff..In this particular article, the following points will be covered:Introduction To PythonInstalling Python and Jupyter NotebookThe Python BasicsPART 1: IntroductionFirst, we shall start with a brief introduction of Python..Python was released in the year 1991 by Python Software Foundation.Created by Guido van Rossum, it is named after the British comedy series, “Monty Python’s Flying circus” from the 1970s..Van Rossum is titled as the “Benevolent Dictator For Life(BDFL)” by the python community..After leading the python clan for around 30 years, Van Rossum stepped down from his responsibilities in July 2018..Thank you for Everything, Mr..Van Rossum!.❤PART 2: Installation and Set-upFig.2 Only two steps you need to do to install python.For downloading Python, go to this link..Open the .exe file after it is downloaded and do the 2 steps(in fig.2) and Ta-da!.python is installed in your system..✌????.If you don’t check step 1, you would have to add python to the PATH environment variable manually..For proper documentation on setting the environment variable, follow the section 3.6.1 on this guide.. More details

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