Prevent Your Organization from Becoming a Ransomware Statistic

The first step in recovering from a ransomware attack is to disconnect the affected machine from the local network, otherwise you run the chance of the virus spreading to more devices..Then you need to weigh your options..It’s not advised for you to contact the hacker or submit the ransom payment, because there is a low likelihood that they will actually remove the virus or decrypt your files..Instead, wipe the affected hard drive as soon as possible and load a backup copy from an secure, encrypted environment..Emphasize Security Training If members of the organization are not informed about how ransomware attacks work and spread, then it increases the risk of a hack occurring..Mandatory training sessions should be held on a regular basis, quarterly if possible, where individuals learn about cybersecurity trends and the dangers to look for when online..Ransomware should be a topic of emphasis, including examples of recent attacks in the news and how they started and spread..Final Thought Here’s a sneaky drill you might choose to conduct..It’s the internet version of the scared straight idea that judges sometimes use to keep juvenile delinquents from becoming adult prison lifers..It goes like this..Launch an unannounced internal test in which you pose as a hacker and try to execute a phishing attack over email or instant message..The manner in which your staff reacts could give you a very clear idea about how effective the security training and procedures are.. More details

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