Marketing Analytics Tools For Success

I wouldn’t say GA is the be-all and end-all piece of equipment, and there are many different services and tools out there, however, it cant be refuted that Google Analytics is a great tool to integrate into your companys marketing strategy..Some similar Web Analytics Services include: Adobe Analytics Kissmetrics Woopra Some of the analytics youll be able to understand are Real time data – Whos on your site right now?.Where are the users coming from?.What pages are they looking at?.Audience Information – Where do your users live, age range, interests, gender, new or returning visitor, etc.?.Acquisition – Where did they come from (Organic, Direct, Paid Ads, Referrals, Campaigns)?.What day/time they landed on your website?.What was the final url they visited before leaving?.You can also link to any Google Ads campaigns you have running..Behavior – What is the path people take to convert?.How is your site speed?.What events took place (Contact form submission, newsletter signup, social media share)?. More details

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