Many Nodes, One Distributed System

Well, when it comes to distributed systems, the answer is…not always.Even though the operations within a node occur in order, the moment that multiple nodes have to work together in a distributed system, things can get a little messier..Once we move from a single system/a single node to a distributed system/multiple nodes, then its possible for the operations across a group of nodes to render in an incorrect order.Part of the reason for the orderliness of operations within a node is due to the fact that each node within a system operates according to its own clock.Nodes operate according to their own clocks.If we think about of the different things that could be a node within a distributed system — a sensor, process, server or database — this fact becomes apparent..But again, we might be able to guess how this could potentially be problematic in a distributed system: what if the clocks in two separate nodes in a system don’t quite match up exactly?.This is another difficult problem (which we’ll discuss on in this series!) when it comes to distributed computing.All of the things we know and love when it comes to dealing with individual nodes start seem unfamiliar and far less lovable once we throw many nodes into the mix..But that’s the fun of learning something new — like distributed systems!.We’re going to have to change our perspective and the way that we think about systems, how they work together as a whole, and the different pieces that allow them to do their job effectively.Seems like a great way to start a brand new series, if you ask me..????ResourcesThere is so much to learn about distributed systems, and many places to start!.Here are some introductory resources to help cement your understanding of what makes a distributed system and the entities that comprise it.A brief introduction to distributed systems, Maarten van Steen & Andrew S..TanenbaumFrom layman to superman: distributed systems an introduction, Median RawashdehIntroduction to Distributed Systems (DS), Professor Frank Eliassen. More details

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