Machine Learning Moves to the Hybrid Cloud

Breaking down the 82 percent of respondents looking to leverage Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, 44 percent of respondents are using the Hybrid Cloud today for Machine Learning projects, and 38 percent plan to use it in the future..“The Hybrid Cloud means you have additional capacity but also access to resources you might need that you didn’t have on premise,” Lalonde said..“It’s a big driver to go from CAPEX to OPEX, to the Cloud and access to the ML software stack.” Migrating on-premise high-performance computing platforms to the Cloud facilitates ML operations, expanding capabilities while cutting costs..In fact, 88 percent of the respondents have HPC responsibilities, indicating a direct correlation between HPC and Machine Learning..But the driver for Machine Learning in the first place is what the business wants to do..“Fraud detection is not driven by HPC staff but by someone in the business who wants to improve trading algorithms,” Lalonde said..“Automated driving is not driven by HPC but by the people in auto companies’ design operations and the forward-looking strategic people who are looking at next generation cars.” Sixty-four percent of companies expect to use two or more Machine Learning tools going forward..“It comes down to there being a lot of new tools out there, so companies are trying different things,” Lalonde said..“I also think the tools out there today are designed to solve different problems and address different parts of the workflow.” Univa Looks Forward Univa’s strategy in all this revolves around helping companies undertake the expected and significant HPC Cloud migrations..From an infrastructure standpoint, it’s investing heavily in methodologies and processes, new products, and connectivity requirements..“The reality to us is whether you are running an app that does computational fluid dynamics or regression analysis, the workload is the workload, and we sit at the operating system level,” Lalonde said..Lalonde added that there’s no reason to force customers to digest only one way of getting to or even taking advantage of the Hybrid Cloud for Machine Learning.. More details

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