IBM Partners with to launch Professional Certificate Programs

We are pleased to offer these Professional Certificate programs in Deep Learning and Chatbots to help our learners gain the knowledge needed to advance in these incredibly in-demand fields..Professional Certificate programs, like these two new offerings on edX, deliver career-relevant education in a flexible, affordable way, by focusing on the skills industry leaders and successful professionals are seeking today.” is a great partner for us too, not just because they have an audience of over 17 million students, but because their mission of increasing access to high-quality education for everyone so closely aligns with our own..“Today we’re seeing a transformational shift in society..Driven by innovations like AI, cloud computing, blockchain and data analytics, industries from cybersecurity to healthcare to agriculture are being revolutionized..These innovations are creating new jobs but also changing existing ones—and require new skills that our workforce must be equipped with..We are therefore taking our responsibility by partnering with edX to make verified certificate programs available through their platform that will enable society to embrace and develop the skills most in-demand” said IBM Chief Learning Officer Gordon Fuller..The IBM Skills Network (of which Cognitive Class is part of) also relies on Open edX — the open source platform that powers — and we plan to contribute back the enhancements as well as support the development of this MOOC project..To learn more about how we use (and scale Open edX) check out our [recent post] on the topic..We are kicking off this collaboration with two Professional Certificate programs that might be of interest to you..– Deep Learning (the first course in the program, Deep Learning Fundamentals with Keras, is open for enrollment today starts September 16) – Building Chatbots Powered by AI (the first course in the program, How to Build Chatbots and Make Money , is open for enrollment today and already running) The chatbot program includes three courses: 1..How to Build Chatbots and Make Money; 2..Smarter Chatbots with Node-RED and Watson AI; 3.. More details

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