How I learned data science the hard way in 2018

Abu-Mostafa, and a series of MIT OCW lectures — Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, and Introduction to Algorithm.I found, when it comes to studying machine learning, it is almost inevitable that you will come across some contents which you don’t understand..I took the advice from the “Reading Mathematics” manual by Cornell University — putting something aside for some time when you do not understand it right away:“You may often (perhaps usually) find that when you return to something you left half-understood, it will have become clear in the light of the further things you have studied, even though the further things are themselves obscure.”Then I thought I should keep myself engaged with a data science community..So I moved to Berlin..Here I joined weekly data science project groups, attended meetups hosted by a variety of companies, and volunteered for machine learning conferences.I highly recommend applying to conferences as a volunteer, especially for those with a limited learning budget..In return, I had the amazing chance to meet with data scientists and ask them questions, and talk to companies that are hiring..I feel fortunate to have met mentors who have been sharing their valuable advice with me over time..This is truly an amazing community to be in.Then I came to Kaggle..I have been postponing doing competitions on Kaggle because I thought I might not rank well..I found it is much better to see Kaggle as a learning platform than a competition platform..Looking at how other people tackle data science projects on Kaggle has been one of the most effective ways for me to learn.Looking back, at some point in time, I was afraid..In my first academic conference, I found it difficult to justify my reason there as a business graduate..I found it difficult to be sitting in a room where I did not understand much of the presented topics.But, and this is a big but here, things got better, a lot better and I almost forgot where I got started.. More details

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