Don’t Let Ad Hoc Analysis Drag you Down

Reporting is the process of organizing data to monitor performance; analysis is the process of exploring data and reports to extract insights..The former helps a company ensure that everything is running well, the latter is an investigative tool used to figure out what’s going on “underneath the hood.” Organizations that don’t understand the difference between the two are more susceptible to ask for more ad hoc requests..Doesn’t self-serve solve this problem?.What about self-service tools?.After all, if any employee has the potential to become a citizen data scientist, then the demand for ad hoc requests should drop, right?.Perhaps, but the costs to the organization might outweigh the benefits..Literally..The ad hoc reporting promise fails when ad hoc reports: • Are treated like official reports shared broadly across the organization • Perform shallow analysis that lacks real insight • Are subject to the author’s own confirmation bias Take a stand, for the right reason Not everyone has the luxury of saying no to their Bill Lumbergh..But, as a recognized data expert in your organization you do have something much more powerful – credibility..In the long run, this means that you have the ability to shape your company’s data strategy, and ultimately wean the business off random ad hoc analysis..Start flexing those muscles today.. More details

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