Deploy Watson Assistant Chatbots to WordPress

The plugin provides you with an easy way to deploy chatbots you create with IBM Watson Conversation to WordPress sites. In fact, you may have noticed a floating chatbot icon at the bottom of this page..Click on it to see the plugin in action..What is Watson Conversation?.Watson Conversation is IBM’s chatbot service..Its intuitive interface allows chatbot creators to build their chatbot and have it ready to deploy in short time..You can sign up for a free IBM Cloud Lite account to get started..Building your chatbot won’t be covered in this article but we have a great Chatbot course that guides you through this process and doesn’t require any coding expertise..    How do I add a chatbot to my website?.This is where the Watson Conversation WordPress plugin saves you time and money..If you have a website built using WordPress, deploying your chatbot to your website takes about 5 minutes and no code at all (as opposed to having to build your own application just to deploy a chatbot on the web.) You can install it like any other WordPress plugin from your Admin page, that is, the first page you see after signing in..    Just search for Watson Conversation in the “Add New” section of the Plugins page and click “Install Now”..Now you can find a page for “Watson” in your Settings.. More details

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