Data Scientists, Stand out by Sharing Your Notebooks

To test out importing the notebook from Gist, we are going to create a free account with Watson Studio..This will give us another advanced and powerful data science environment from which we’ll test out importing notebooks..If you already have an account with IBM Cloud, simply visit that link and log in..This will add Watson Studio to your account..If not, provide your email to create an IBM Cloud account and activate Watson Studio..Once you are inside Watson Studio, you’ll want to click on Create a project..You can pick any project type you like among the pre-made templates for data science, visual recognition, deep learning, etc..If you don’t know which one to pick, hover above Standard and click Create a project..You’ll be asked to provide a name, feel free to call it Testing Notebook Imports..Next, click the Create button at the very bottom right of the page..With the project created, you’ll want to click on the Add to project button and then select Notebook as shown in the image below..    Here you can create a blank notebook, import it from a file on your computer, or import it from a URL.. More details

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