Data Science Survey: The Results Are In!

Data Science Survey Q4: Which Data Science tool are you most interested in?.Finally, we asked about the primary tool or IDE of choice..  Respondents could only pick their most used tool, so it’s not surprising to see Hadoop and Spark do so well among our respondents, who showed a clear inclination for Big Data..RStudio is also fairly popular at 15.99%, a figure somewhat in line with the results of the previous question..The primary R tool is more popular than any other Python tool among our respondents..Please note that there is no contradiction here..Python users simply had more choices available, splitting the vote between IBM DataScience Experience (IBM DSX for short), Anaconda, and Jupyter..Combined, over 35% of respondents selected Python tools as their primary tool for Data Science, confirming that Python is at least twice as popular as R among our users..There you have it..It will be interesting to see how these change over time..In the meantime, feel free to play with the data yourself by using the Jupyter notebook created by my colleague Alex Aklson, author of the excellent Data Visualization with Python course..If you enroll in his course, you’ll have access to our Labs environment to run the Data Science Survey notebook in the cloud, without having to install anything on your machine.. More details

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